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Dear Colleagues

This is the First Announcement of the “12th International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics (CICC-12)”, which will be held in Suzhou, China during Nov 14-18, 2021. The CICC series is sponsored by the Chinese Ceramic Society and aims to provide a biannually international forum for scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs working on high-performance ceramics to disseminate and discuss their recent research and development outcomes. Since 1998, the CICC series have evolved into a flagship scholarly conference on ceramics held in China and gained considerable international impact, with the last conference seeing more than 1000 attendants worldwide.

The technical program of CICC-12 will consist of some 20 symposiums with topics covering, for example, advanced sintering techniques, ferro/piezo-electric ceramics, thermoelectric materials and nanoscale characterization methods. Each symposium will include keynote/invited/regular oral presentations and poster presentations, in addition to ad hoc events. The conference not only welcomes renowned scholars, but will also promote the participation of young researchers and graduate students.

The year of 2020 had been particularly difficult for academia due to the COVID-19 epidemic. With major international conferences moved online, in-person discussion becomes a sought-after scientific communication way. We are thus endeavoring to construct an invigorating atmosphere at CICC-12 under which latest perspectives will be exchanged and new ideas be stimulated. We are optimistic at this stage that the epidemic will come to an end by the time and the barriers for international travels will be substantially lessened. However, in case of an unimproved situation, we do have contingency plans, including combined online/offline forms, to ensure an uncompromised efficacy.

The CICC-12‘s venue will be at Kempinski Hotel Suzhou, a well-appointed hotel located on beautiful Jinji Lake and conveniently reached from nearby international airports (Shanghai Pudong/Hongqiao and Wuxi Shuofang) and railway stations. More information regarding conference organization, abstract submission and registration, accommodation, etc. can be found at the CICC-12 website:  https: cicc2021.ceramsoc.com
If you know of others who would be interested in participating, please kindly forward this announcement to them. I look forward to seeing you this fall in Suzhou China.

Kind Regards,
Prof. Jing-Feng Li
Secretary General, CICC-12
School of Materials, Tsinghua University


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International Advisory Committee

Alymov, Mikhail Ivanovich (Russia)

Goto, Takashi (Japan)

Mandal, Hasan (Turkey)

Viehland, Dwight (USA)

Aneziris, Christos G. (Germany) 

Ikesue, Akio (Japan)

Marssi, Mimoun El (France)

Wang, Hong (China)

Aydin, Doğan (Turkey)

Ikuhara, Yuichi (Japan)

Mathur, Sanjay (Germany)

Wang, John (Singapore)

Barsoum, Michel W. (USA)

Jen, Alex K-Y. (China)

Meijerink, Andries (Netherland)

Yang, Shoufeng (UK)

Binner, Jon (UK)

Kang, Suk-Joong L. (Korea)

Morante, Joan Ramon (Spain)

Yang, Yang (China)

Bordia, Rajendra (USA)

Kilner, John (UK)

Müller, Werner E. G. (Germany)

Yao, Xi (China)

Carty, William M. (USA)

Kim, Hyung Tae (Korea)

Nan, Cewen (China)

Yildiz, Bilge (USA)

Chang, Jiang (China)

Koumoto, Kunihito (Japan)

Ohji, Tatsuki (Japan)

Zhang, Guo-Jun (China)

Chen, Gang (USA)

Krenkel, Walter (Germany)

Padture, Nitin P. (USA)

Zhang, Hongjie (China)

Chen, I-Wei (USA)

Lee, Jong-Heun (Korea)

Pan, Wei (China)

Zhang, Lianmeng (China)

Chen, Lidong (China)

Li, Hejun (China)

Pennycook, Stephen J. (Singapore)

Zhang, Litong (China)

Chen, Xiangmin (China)

Li, Longtu (China)

Ramesh, Ramamoorthy (USA)

Zhang, Qingjie (China)

Cheng, Yi-Bing (China)

Li, Nan (China)

Randall, Clive A. (USA)

Zhang, Shengmin (China)

Cheong, Sang-Wook (USA)

Li, Xiaoguang (China)

Reece, Michael J. (UK)

Zhang,Xiaowen (China)

Clarke, David R. (USA)

Lin, Hua-Tay (China)

Riedel, Ralf (Germany)

Zhou, Yanchun (China)

Colombo, Paolo (Italy)

Liu, Junming (China)

Rödel, Jürgen (Germany)

Zhou, Ji (China)

Dong, Shaoming (China)

Luo, Hongjie (China)

Shimanoe, Kengo (Japan)

Zhou, Yu (China)

Dubois, Sylvain (France)

Lü, Jian (China)

Singh, Mrityunjay (USA)

Zhu, Jing (China)

Fahrenholtz, William G. (USA)

Jiang, Dongliang (China)

Todd, Richard (UK)

Zwaag, Sybrand van der (Netherlands)

Ge, Changchun (China)

Maier, Joachim (Germany)

Uher, Ctirad (USA)

Academic Committee

Chair: Zhou, Yanchun (China)

Ballif, Christophe (Switzerland)

Jeon, Jae-Ho (Korea)

Ouyang Jun (China)

Wang, Shiwei (China)

Cao, Xueqiang (China)

Jiang, Wan (China)

Padture, Nitin (USA)

Wang, Xiaohui (China)

Catchpole, Kylie (Australia)

Jung In-Ho (Korea)

Pan, Xiaoqing (USA)

Wang, Yujin (China)

Chen, Kexin (China)

Kalinin, Sergei V. (USA)

Pullar, Robert (Italy)

Wen, Zhaoyin (China)

Cheng, Zhenxiang (Australia)

Kim, Young-Wook (Korea)

Qi, Yabing (Japan)

Wu, Chengtie (China)

Cho, Woo-Seok (Korea)

Klein, Norbert (UK)

Radovic, Miladin Radovic (USA)

Wu, Shanghua (China)

Ferreira, José Maria da Fonte (Portugal)

Koch, Dietmar (Germany)

Ryu, Jungho (Korea)

Xiong, Xiang (China)

Fukushima, Manabu (Japan)

Kong, Jie (China)

Shen, Zhijian (Sweden)

Yang, Lei (China)

Guillon, Olivier (Germany)

Lee, In-Seop (Korea)

Silvestroni, Laura (Italy)

Yang, Shihe (China)

Han, Liyuan (China)

Lee, Jae-Shin (Korea)

Singh, Dileep (USA)

Yue, Zhenxin (China)

Han, Minfang (China)

Li, Guorong (China)

Snyder, G. Jeffrey (USA)

Zhang, Shujun (Australia)

Harmuth, Harald (Austrian)

Li, Jiangyu (China)

Sun, Zhengming (China)

Zhang, Wenqing (China)

Hinoki, Tatsuya (Japan)

Li, Jing-Feng (China)

Tang, Ruikang (China)

Zhang, Xinghong (China)

Huang, Qing (China)

Luo, Jian (USA)

Tang, Xinfeng (China)

Zhang, Xixiang (Saudi Arabia)

Huang, Yunhui (China)

Miura, Hideo (Japan)

Vassen, Robert (Germany)

Zhao, Xinbing (China)

Jantunen, Heli (Finland)

Mostaghimi, Javad (Canada)

Wada, Satoshi (Japan)

Zou, Ji (China)

Organizing Committee

Bai, Yang (Beijing)

Jia, Quanli (Zhengzhou)

Ma, Qingsong (Changsha)

Wen, Qingbo (Changsha)

Bai, Yuelei (Harbin)

Jiang, Wan (Shanghai)

Ma, Wanli (Suzhou)

Wen, Zhaoyin (Shanghai)

Bernard, Samuel (France)

Karaki, Tomoaki (Japan)

Malic, Barbara (Slovenia)

Wu, Chengtie (Shanghai)

Bordia, Rajendra K. (USA)

Kim, Dong-Pyo (Korea)   

Monteverde, Frederic (Italy)

Wu, Jiagang (Chengdu)

Branković, Zorica (Serbia)

Kim, Young-Wook (Korea)

Murthy, Tammana S.R.Ch. (India)

Wu, Jia-Min (Wuhan)

Chen, Fei (Wuhan)

Kirihara, Soshu (Japan)

Ni, De-Wei (Shanghai)

Wu, Jianqing (Guangzhou)

Chen, Wan-Ping (Wuhan)

Koch, Dietmar (Germany)

Ni, Na (Shanghai)

Wu, Yiquan (USA)

Chen, Wei (Wuhan)

Kong, Jie (Xi’an)

Oda, Takuji (Korea)

Xiang, Huimin (Beijing)

Chen, Yan (Guangzhou)

Kong, Xiangdong (Hangzhou)

Ouyang, Jun (Ji’nan)

Xie, Rong-Jun (Xiamen)

Chen, Zhangwei (Shenzhen)

Krenkel, Walter (Germany)

Pan, Liping (Wuhan)   

Xiong, Xiang (Changsha)

Cheng, Zhenxiang (Australia)

kushima, Manabu Fu (Japan)

Pan, Wei (Beijing)

Xu, Haixuan (USA)

Cheng,Yuan (Harbin)

Lee, Sea-Hoon (Korea)

Qi, Yabing (Japan)

Yang, Guan-Jun (Xi‘an)

Cinibulk, Michael (USA)

Li, Fei (Xi’an)

Riedel, Ralf (Germany)

Yang, Jianfeng (Xi‘an)

Colombo, Paolo (Italy)

Li, Guorong (Shanghai)

Ryu, Jungho (Korea)

Yang, Lei (Tianjin)

Cui, Bai (USA)

Li, He-ping (Wuhan)

Shao, Gang (Zhengzhou)

Yang, Quanhong (Tianjin)

D’Angio, Andrea (UK)

Li, Jiangyu (Shenzhen)

Shen, Heping (Australia)

Yang, Shoufeng (UK)

Dong, Shuai (Nanjing)

Li, Jiguang (Japan)

Shen, Yang (Beijing)

Yin, Hongfeng (Xi’an)

Dong, Yanhao (USA)

Li, Jing-Feng (Beijing)

Shi, Xun (Shanghai)

Yin, Yuewei (Hefei)

Fahrenholtz, William G. (USA)

Li, Lei (Hangzhou)

Shimamura, Akihiro (Japan)

Yu, Jingkun (Shenyang)

Fan, Yuchi (Shanghai)

Li, Qian (Beijing)

Silvestroni, Laura (Italy)

Yu, Yan (Hefei)

Fey, Tobias (Germany)

Li, Shibo (Beijing)

Singh, Gurpreet (USA)

Yu, Zhaoju (Xiamen)

Fu, Qiu-Yun (Wuhan)

Li, Weidong (Shanghai)

Song, Wen-jia (Germany)

Yue, Zhenxin (Beijing)

Fu, Wang-Yang (Beijing)

Li, Yawei (Wuhan)

Sugahara, Yoshiyuki (Japan)

Zeng, Jiangtao (Shanghai)

Gao, Peng (Beijing)

Li, Yueming Li (Jingdezhen)

Sun, Zhengming (Nanjing)

Zeng, Yu-Ping (Shanghai)

Gao, Xiang (Beijing)

Liao, Ting (Australia)

Tang, Zi-Long (Beijing)

Zhai, Jiwei (Shanghai)

Gu, Hui (Shanghai)

Lin, Hong (Beijing)

Tatarko, Peter (Slovakia)

Zhang, Bo-Ping (Beijing)

Guo, Jing (Xi‘an)

Lin, Yuanhua (Beijing)

Tu, Rong (Wuhan)

Zhang, Guo-Jun (Shanghai)

Gupta, Surojit (USA)

Liu, Bin (Shanghai)

Wada, Satoshi (Japan)

Zhang, Jian (Shanghai)

Han, Dan (Shanghai)

Liu, Ji-Xuan (Shanghai)

Wan, Chun-lei (Beijing)

Zhang, Jinxing (Beijing)

Han, Minfang (Beijing)

Liu, Junming (Nanjing)

Wang,  Dawei (UK)

Zhang, Qi (Wuhan)   

Hao, Feng (Chengdu)

Liu, Kai (Wuhan)

Wang, Chan-An (Beijing)

Zhang, Qiang (Beijing)

He, Rujie (Beijing)

Liu, Weishu (Shenzhen)

Wang, Gang (Luoyang)

Zhang, Shujun (Australia)

Hinoki, Tatsuya (Japan)

Liu, Yi (Hanzhong)

Wang, Hailong (Zhengzhou)

Zhang, Song (Wuhan)

Hu, Chunfeng (Chengdu)

Liu, Yongsheng (Xi’an)

Wang, Hao (Wuhan)

Zhang, Xinghong (Harbin)

Hu, Yongsheng (Changchun)

Liu, Zhifu (Shanghai)

Wang, Hong (Shenzhen)

Zhang, Chuanfang (Switzerland)

Huan, Yu (Ji‘nan)

Lou, Xiaojie (Xi’an)

Wang, Jiajun (Harbin)

Zhao, Lingyun (Beijing)

Huang, Juntong (Nanchang)

Lu, Ge-Yu (Changchun)

Wang, Jingyang (Shenyang)

Zhao, Wenyu (Wuhan)

Huang, Qing (Ningbo)

Lü, Jian (Hongkong)

Wang, Ke (Beijing)

Zhou, Aiguo (Jiaozuo)

Huang, Yunhui (Shanghai)

Luan, Xingang (Xi‘an)

Wang, Le (Hangzhou)

Zhou, Yanchun (Beijing)

Im, Won Bin (Korea)

Luo, Haosu (Shanghai)

Wang, Xiaohui (Shenyang)

Zhu, Jianfeng (Xi’an)

Iqbal, Muhammad Zubair (Hangzhou)

Luo, Jian (USA)

Wang, Xiumei (Beijing)

Zhu, Jianguo (Chengdu)

Iwamoto, Yuji (Japan)  

Luo, Jun (Shanghai)

Wang, Yiguang (Beijing)

Zhu, Tiejun (Hangzhou)

Jantunen, Heli (Finland)

Luo, Wei (Shanghai)

Wang, YuJin (Harbin)

Zou, Chaoyong (Wuhan)

Jeon, Jae-Ho (Korea)

Luo, Xudong (Anshan)

Wang, Shiwei (Shanghai)

Zou, Ji (Wuhan)

Ji, Wei (Wuhan)

Ma, Jing (Beijing)

Wei, Zhanhua (Xiamen)

Zuo, Ruzhong (Hefei)

Conference Topics

  • A.High and Ultrahigh Temperature Ceramics and Composites
  • B.Nano-laminated Ternary Carbides, Nitrides and Borides and Their 2D Counterparts MXenes/MBenes
  • C.Polymer-derived Ceramics
  • D.Transparent Ceramics and Luminescent Materials
  • E.Advanced Porous Ceramics For Energy and Environment Application
  • F.Ceramic Thin Films and Coatings
  • G.Advances in Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • H.Advances in Powder Processing and Sintering
  • I.Progress in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
  • J.Advanced Refractories and Traditional Ceramics
  • K.Microwave Dielectric Ceramics
  • L.Dielectrics/Ferroelectrics for Energy Storage
  • M.Lead-Free Ferroelectric/Piezoelectric Ceramics
  • N.Perovskites for Solar Cells, LEDs, and Other Applications
  • O.Thermoelectric Materials and Devices for Sustainable Energy Utilization
  • P.Ferroelectric/Multiferroic Materials & Devices
  • Q.Sensitive Materials and Devices
  • R.Ionic and mixed conducting ceramics
  • S.Advances in Bioceramics
  • T.Nanoscale Characterizations of Ceramics
  • U.Modeling and Design of Ceramics and Composites

Call for Papers

Deadline for abstracts submission: 2021.6.30

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